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Unique Abilities

Full Service LPGas Supplier Specialising in Unique Solutions with Innovative Technologies.

Indigas’ unique abilities to design, implement, and manage gas storage and consumption solutions are strengthened through its unique combination of knowledge of local conditions, innovative solution-finding approach, and partnerships with key companies.

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LPGas Supply

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Road Tankers

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Piped Systems


LPG Reticulated / Piped Systems for commercial buildings and shopping centres


LPG Reticulated / Piped Systems in Industry


LPG Reticulated / Piped Systems for Residential Estates /Apartments

Optimal Efficiency

LPGas as a Managed Utility

Technology is key.

Indigas is able to produce gas at optimal efficiency because it adheres to strict ethical standards and uses innovative technological tools.

Imagine an LPGas solution that enables you to better budget, report, forecast and optimise your energy spend through granular, trackable data?


LPGas Deliveries

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Years of Supply

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Full Service LPGas Supplier Specialising in Unique Solutions with innovative technologies.

No matter if you are a homeowner, business owner, facility manager or property manager, our gas supply offers services that meet your needs.


We are committed to establishing, enhancing, and sustaining business relationships between ourselves and our clients.


Informed advice based on sound knowledge and experience with gas products and systems is the key to establishing, enhancing, and sustaining long-term business relationships.

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Since 1965, we’ve been working to make LPGas affordable, accessible, and manageable in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

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