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Specialist Services For New And Existing Projects.
Looking for professional LPGas technical and installation services?
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Indigas CONTRACTS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Indigas group. CONTRACTS provides a complete technical service for both new and existing projects.
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In-House Certified Technicians.

Our technicians are certified LPGas and natural gas practitioners. Every highly skilled technician undergoes an in-house apprenticeship before qualifying as a practitioner. Our coded welders operate to the strictest American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) safety and manufacturing standards. Your peace of mind is guaranteed.
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LPG & NG Pipeline Installations

Indigas gas practitioners are South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC)-qualified domestic, commercial, industrial and road tanker installers for both LPGas and natural gas.

We perform fabrication and installation of pipelines using the following materials:

  • Solder-jointed copper piping
  • Corrugated stainless steel piping
  • Welded, threaded and flanged seamless steel piping
  • Electrofusion-jointed (HDPE) piping
  • Crimp jointed Pex-AL-Pex piping

We work according to the following design, fabrication and health and safety standards:

  • Pressure Equipment Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • South African National Standards (SANS) 347
  • SANS 10268-2
  • SANS 10087 1-8
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B31.3 – Process Piping
  • ASME B31.8 – Gas Transmission Pipelines
  • ASME V
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On-site Storage Installations

Supply and installation of the following on-site storage solutions:

  • Above-ground tanks
  • Underground tanks
  • Dumpy cylinders
  • Manifolded cylinders
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Revalidation and Repair Services

INDIGAS CONTRACTS provides revalidation and repair services to LPGas plant, equipment and storage vessels;

  • 3-yearly and 9-yearly mandatory vessel inspections, hydrostatic tests and revalidations
  • Recertifications of vessels
  • Repairs and modifications to LPGas lines and equipment
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24/7 Backup & Emergency Technical Services

Indigas offers round-the-clock technical backup services to attend to any leak or LPGas system issue. Choosing a service-level agreement ensures peace of mind.
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Audits for Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Requirements

Trained, skilled staff are on call to conduct audits for CoCs or according to customer-specific HSE requirements, either on an ad-hoc or annual basis. Once audited, any non-conformities are attended to and a CoC or HSE report is issued.
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User & Safety Instruction

To ensure the effective operation of your LPGas system, annual or ad-hoc user training is done by our qualified gas practitioners. We have readily designed topics or will design a bespoke training programme for your application.

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