Accreditations And Professional Associations.

Indigas actively participates in various trade organisations and associations representing the LPGas and Natural Gas industries in South Africa. Through these structures, we work continuously to address issues relating to refining, distribution, marketing, installation, safety and compliance. Indigas is represented on the South African Bureau of Standards technical committee and its work groups tasked with developing and maintaining South African National Standards (SANS) in our industry.
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Indigas carries the following accreditations
  • South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC)-accredited 
    • LPGas Practitioner – Domestic Grade
    • LPGas Practitioner – Commercial Grade (Vapour)
    • LPGas Practitioner – Commercial Grade (Liquid)
    • LPGas Practitioner – Industrial Grade
    • LPGas Specialist Practitioner – Road Tank Cars
    • Natural Gas Practitioner – Domestic Grade
    • Natural Gas Practitioner – Commercial Grade
  • Plastics SA-accredited HDPE Thermoplastic Welder
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)-accredited Steel Pipe Coded Welder
  • Accredited Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability Logistic Risk Management System (SQAS) for transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Department of Energy-registered Wholesale Petroleum License in terms of the Petroleum Products Act 120 of 1977 and Petroleum Products Amendment Act 2 of 2005. Licence number W/2015/0068.
  • B-BBEE level 4 contributor
  • International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC)-issued LPGas import permit.
Professional associations and committees
  • Founding member and past EXCO member: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa (LPGSASA)
  • Member: Liquefied Petroleum Gas South Africa (LPGSA)
    • LPGSA Specialist Technical Committee (STC)
    • LPGSA Safe Appliance Committee (SAC)
    • LPGSA Cylinder Verification Committee (CVC)
    • LPGSA Installer Standards and Inspection Committee (ISIC)
  • Member: Southern African Gas Association (SAGA)
  • Member: South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA)
  • Member: South African Qualification and Certification Committee for gas installers (SAQCC Gas) registration founding programme committee
  • Member: South African National Standards (formerly South African Bureau of Standards) Technical Committee – SABS/TC 1019: Gas Supply, Handling and Control (Fuel, Industrial and Medical Gases)
  • Member: SANS 10087 (LPGas National Standard) Review Committee and work groups
  • Past member: SANS 827 (Natural Gas Code) Review Committee and work group.

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