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The cost of running an LP Gas installation or plant is dependent on a number of factors; capital costs, variable monthly product costs and maintenance costs. As a registered wholesaler of LPGas, INDIGAS uses our buying power to secure competitive prices and reliable LPGas supply for all of our customers. INDIGAS makes it easy to manage your budgeting, follows these 3 steps to personalise your LPGas costs.

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Step 01.

Choose a product price plan.

Step 02.

Add an optional equipment price plan.

Step 03.

Add an optional maintenance price plan.

Step 01.

Product Price Plans

Select a product price plan to give you freedom of choice when it comes to the cost of LPGas product. Switch between Fixed Price Plans and Variable Price Plans at anytime.

Fixed Product Price Plan

We protect you from unpredictable LPGas prices with a Product Lock Price. Your price is locked in for a full year for peace of mind that comes from knowing that, no matter how severe the winter or what the exchange rate, your LPGas rate is secure. Your price will be the same each time you get a delivery for the duration of your lock-in period.

Variable Product Price Plan

Variable pricing fluctuates based on LPGas prices gazetted each month by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. A Product Base Price is determined. Your LPGas price varies from month to month from this base price in line with changes to the gazetted price.

Step 02.

Equipment & Onsite Storage Price Plans

INDIGAS understands the capital cost of onsite storage and plant equipment. Reduce your capital plant and installation costs with our Upfront, Volume-based or Hybrid price plans.

Upfront Equipment Price Plan

Upfront payment of the onsite storage and equipment by the client, translates into a lower Product Lock Price (fixed product price plan) or Product Base Price (variable product price plan), which in turn translates to low running costs.

Volume Based Equipment Price Plan

A target volume of LPGas to be consumed is determined. Variable rental, decreasing to zero, is charged monthly based on attained volumes. With volume based price plans the Product Lock Price or Product Base Price is higher than with upfront equipment price plans.

Hybrid Equipment Price Plan

Hybrid price plans are a mixture of upfront and volume based price plans. A portion of the capital costs are paid upfront with the balance treated as a volume based price plan. The advantage to a hybrid price plan is that the Product Lock Price or Product Base Price is lower than for volume based price plans.

Step 03.

Maintenance Price Plans

Maintenance price plans take care of routine, ad hoc and emergency maintenance of your plant and onsite storage. All maintenance price plans are accompanied by a service level agreement with variable lock-in periods.


Fixed Maintenance Price Plan

Under a fixed maintenance price plan service level agreement, a monthly maintenance retainer is added to the Product Lock Price or Product Base Price to cover either Classic or Premium maintenance plans.

Volume Based Maintenance Price Plan

A target volume per month is determined. Above target consumption translates to zero maintenance costs for the period. With volume based price plans the Product Lock Price or Product Base Price is not adjusted.

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