What We Offer

Cut Out The Middle Man And Buy Direct.
We handle all the transportation.
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The production and supply of LPGas involves many players along the value chain. Refineries typically produce LPGas from crude oil, with wholesalers supplying the end user via distributors, dealers and retailers. Indigas is a major wholesaler of LPGas: We supply directly to the end user, no middlemen involved.
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No Added Costs Or Complications.

With Indigas there are no middlemen to add cost and complication to your LPGas supply purchase. You buy directly from the source.

Regular LPG Supply Chain

Regular lpg supply chain

Indigas Solution

Indigas solution

What We Offer

Security Of Supply.

We reliably deliver to our customers.

We have extensive LPGas storage capacity in Gauteng, with access to both locally produced product from refineries and imported product through our watertight partnership agreements with international suppliers.


We Have The Vehicles And The Cylinders.
Indigas has the infrastructure to mobilise quickly to increase inventory in preparation for changing demand. Our fleet comprises road tankers for both long-haul and routing, trucks, and light delivery vehicles (LDVs). We have been investing heavily in cylinders and bulk storage tanks to adequately meet the needs of our customers.

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