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LPGas Piped System For Residential Estates And Apartments.

Centralised distribution system.
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Piped gas supply to apartments and free-standing houses in residential estates is one of the latest value-adds offered by developers. This centralised distribution system supplies gas to each unit, feeding kitchens, geysers and braais through a network of safe piping. Units are individually metered and the consumer pays for what they use. The hassle of refilling is totally eliminated.
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Energy Efficiency In Buildings.

With the recent introduction of the building energy efficiency regulations as part of South Africa’s National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, it is now a requirement that all new built structures should comply with SANS10400- XA, SANS 204 and other specifications.

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Centralised Storage System

Installing a centralised LPGas storage system means that no cylinders are stored in kitchens, there’s no floor damage when removing cylinders, no delivery staff in your home and no arrangement to be made to accept deliveries. The pressure of piped gas is lower than that of cylinder gas, making it safer. LPGas supply in centralised systems is uninterrupted and metered, meaning consumers only pay for the LPGas they use.
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Managed Solutions

Indigas offers managed product supply solutions. Deliveries are automatically scheduled; no ordering of LPGas needed.
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Prepaid and/or postpaid metering of consumption and reconciliation of gas purchases.

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