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LPGas as a Managed Utility

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INDIGAS GASKIT, our in-house designed LPGas utility management system.

LPGas as a pre-paid metered utility, on-line and in real-time. 

Better budget, report, forecast and optimise your energy spend through granular, trackable data.

Cost-effectively automate tenant sub-metering processes to speed up billing and eliminate errors.

Peace of mind, LPGas is automatically delivered when required.

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What is GasKit?

GasKit is a modular Hardware and Software solution for PC or smartphone, aimed at LPGas suppliers, LPGas users, managing agents and landlords. The system comprises an END USER module, an ADMIN module, a MANAGING AGENT module, a STORAGE module and an EASI-ORDERS module.

The system can be configured for PREPAID or POSTPAID metering or used as a stand-alone telemetry system.

GASKIT prepaid

GASKIT PREPAID – Requires END USER MODULE.  Users create a virtual wallet on the GASKIT system into which Rand value credits are deposited. Gas usage is deducted from the wallet credits on a daily basis, making the system immediate. Payments of credits are made online.

GASKIT postpaid

GASKIT POSTPAID – Requires END USER MODULE. Users create a consumption account on the GASKIT system. Gas usage is debited to the consumption account on a daily basis. Monthly, invoices of consumption detailing usage per day are sent via email to users for payment. Payments of consumption accounts are made online.

GASKIT managing agent

For either prepaid or postpaid users.

GASKIT MANAGED – Requires ADMIN MODULE or MANAGING AGENT MODULE. Developed for applications where managing agents collect payments from users.

GASKIT Storage

GASKIT STORAGE – Requires STORAGE MODULE. Telemetry notifies users of storage tank levels, cylinder change over events and alarm states.

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01. GASKIT End User module

GASKIT End User module gives users access to our GASKIT End User portal.

View : balances, meter readings, historical transactions, trending graphs per hour, week or month.

Check meter statuses for errors or leaks. Set notification levels.

Make online payments for credits by various payment options including EFT or Credit card. Download invoices and statements.

GASKIT hardware and meter installation, software configuration and daily system management Included.

Onsite supply of LPGas is managed by INDIGAS, there is no need to order gas.

GASKIT END USER can be linked to GASKIT ADMIN or GASKIT MANAGING AGENT or can be used as a stand-alone module.

02. GASKIT ADMIN Module for Managing Agents or Landlords

Used in conjunction with GASKIT End User module, for landlords or managing agents wishing to collect payments directly from their tenants or residents.

GASKIT Admin module gives users access to our GASKIT Admin portal.

Administrators can view end user’s details and balances, adjust balances, pass payments, view detailed end user transactions, view end user invoices, end user statements, and pull payment reports.

Admin Dashboard shows charts of consumption in hourly, daily or monthly detail and can be filtered by end user.

GASKIT hardware and meter installation, software configuration and daily system management are handled by INDIGAS.

Onsite supply of LPGas is managed by INDIGAS, there is no need to order gas.


For landlord or managing agents wishing to integrate GASKIT into their existing utility charge system.

Used in conjunction with GASKIT end user module and GASKIT admin module.

Managing agents receive end user billing detail in the form of billing statements as well as an export file to be imported into their existing system automatically, the GASKIT system can be adapted to synchronise with any existing utility billing system.


This module can be used as a stand-alone module or as an add-on module for GASKIT admin module or GASKIT managing agent module and is designed for those users requiring notification of onsite storage tank levels, cylinder changeover status or pressure drop events.

As a stand-alone module, pressure measuring devices (if installed) on supply lines will notify admins through GASKIT of low pressure events. For bulk tank installations, admins are notified of pre-determined, admin set, onsite storage tank levels. For cylinder installations, automatic changeover devices through GASKIT will notify users when a bank has run dry. SMS and email technology is used as the notification means.

Used as an add-on module, additional features allow users to trend usage profiles graphically with accuracy to within the hour.



As an existing customer, ordering a refill or cylinder replacement is simple using the GASKIT easy orders feature. Simply scan the QR code or logon to the GASKIT portal, place the order and one of our staff will contact you to arrange delivery.

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